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Pappy Aero

The Best Glide Aero Detailing Kit

The Best Glide Aero Detailing Kit

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Introducing the Pappy Aero Best Glide Aero Detailing Kit - the ultimate solution for aviation enthusiasts who demand the highest quality detailing products for their aircraft. This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to achieve a pristine and glossy finish on your aircraft, while also ensuring that the interior is clean and comfortable for every flight.

The Pappy Aero Best Glide Aero Detailing Kit includes six essential detailing products: Mach 1 Ceramic soap, TruClear Ammonia-free window cleaner, Leather Elixer for cleaning seats, Vortex 30% Graphene Ceramic finishing detailer, Waterless Wing Wash detailing spray, and Heavy Duty Degreaser, great for oil and tough messes! Each product is carefully formulated to provide maximum performance and deliver outstanding results.

Mach 1 Ceramic soap is a high-performance soap that cleans and protects your aircraft's paint. It creates a thick, rich lather that gently lifts dirt and grime, while also leaving behind a light ceramic coating that provides lasting protection. If you really want to push it into the red arc, throw Mach-1 in a foam canon and create a thick foamy lather that makes washing your airplane a blast! 

TruClear Ammonia-free window cleaner is specifically designed to clean your aircraft's windows and leave them crystal clear. It is ammonia-free, ensuring that it is safe to use on all types of windows, including tinted ones, plexi and acrylic.

Leather Elixer is a premium cleaner and conditioner that is perfect for keeping your aircraft's seats clean and comfortable. It contains a special blend of natural oils and conditioners that penetrate deep into the leather to restore its natural beauty and suppleness while adding a barrier of protection against UV rays.

Vortex 30% graphene ceramic finishing detailer is a high-gloss detailer that provides superior protection for your aircraft's paint. It contains 30% graphene, which is known for its incredible strength and durability, providing an extra layer of protection against the elements. Guaranteed to make getting bugs off a breeze! 

Waterless Wing Wash detailing spray is perfect for quick and easy touch-ups between flights but is also great for washing your entire airplane if water and a bucket is not permissible. It cleans and protects your aircraft's paint, leaving behind a high-gloss finish that is sure to turn heads.

The Pappy Aero Best Glide Aero Detailing kit also includes four 800 GSM double-sided fleece microfiber towels and a SAVU Mitt wash glove. These high-quality accessories are designed to ensure that you can achieve the best possible results when using the included detailing products.

In conclusion, if you're an aviation enthusiast who wants to keep your aircraft looking its best, the Pappy Aero Best Glide Aero Detailing Kit is the perfect solution. With its comprehensive range of detailing products and high-quality accessories, you can be sure that your aircraft will always look its best, both inside and out.

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