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Pappy Aero

32oz Mach 1 Soap

32oz Mach 1 Soap

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Pappy Aero Mach-1 Soap is the ultimate wash solution for a spotless finish and lasting shine! Our soap is infused with Si02 ceramic, which locks into your airplane's surface and helps repel dirt, bugs and grime for weeks after washing.

It is strong enough to break down even the toughest layers of built-up dirt, yet gentle enough to use on the most pristine paint jobs without micro-swirling or scratching your bird. Pappy Aero Mach-1 Soap gives a deep clean and luster shine, while the specially formulated cleaning agents work overtime to keep your bird clean between washes. Pappy Aero Mach-1 Aero Soap is the perfect way to give you a luxurious, airshow-ready sheen!

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